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Figs for Dessert
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The day was interminably long, but then he only had himself to blame. If only he had not, in one impetuous moment risen from his slumber on Monday morning and taken it into his head to ask her to dinner, life would have gone on as normal. Looking at his watch again for the tenth time in as many minutes, Reed sighed and attempted to return to the mountain of paperwork sitting in the tray, which seemed to grow taller by the minute, but then again, his mind had not really been in work mode all week.

The previous weekend was as always, filled with the usual chores, a few games of volleyball, a couple of nights out with friends and not enough sleep. He thought about her a few times, but not enough to warrant the outburst when he chatted to her as he readied himself for another busy Monday. He did not even know why he went online, it was most unlike him. Reed had a place for everything and everything was in its place in his well-ordered life, so when her, ‘Good morning,’ reply flashed up, he immediately doubted his sanity. However, he just could not help himself. There was something so enticing and alluring about her and before he knew it, she had accepted the invitation. The next thing he remembered was whistling softly in the car on the way to work, happy, yet confused.

Reed was almost reluctant to leave work, he had not dated in a long while, the divorce settlement put paid to any extra money, and if he was honest, he was still picking up the pieces of his shattered heart. However, something about this felt right, and for the first time in months, the blood pounding through his veins was not due to the fitness regime he threw himself into, which kept his mind focused and his soul from dying.



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Where the Sirens Weep
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The road had been long and his quest, ordained from when he drew first breath, spanned over many years, and all that remained was the climb up the sheer sided rock face to the plateau, which overlooked the valley of the lost. The sun would not dip below the horizon for another few hours, and looking up at what looked like an insurmountable task, he tried to gauge how long the ascent would take. More to the point would she, who came from the ends of the world where the Sirens wept, be there? Her journey, also begun at birth, would have been just as arduous and although he felt her in his soul, there were no guarantees that their spirits would meet. Should the unthinkable happen, he would be condemned to wanderer the gorge of forgotten souls forever, and the cycle would begin again. Some of his ancestors had succeeded; some had tried and died, while others joined those in purgatory, never ceasing to search for their hearts desire.

The Siren’s tradition was as ancient as the bottomless turquoise lake situated at the base of the soaring Drumnoor Mountains. From here, once every twenty-one years, their song floated south on the breeze to the ears of the chosen one. Once heard, the man dreamt his fate from his first breath, until his dying day, the dream of Sisyphean. So it was with Jude. His family knew from the first opening of his eyes that his destiny was ordained and trained him accordingly. His mother nurtured him, loved him but despaired as he thrashed in his bed during the night hours, knowing that he was destined to leave her. In the mornings he would awaken and describe his  dreams, and as he matured, his visions grew in intensity until the night he made love to his Siren for the first time, and became a man.

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Torture to Order
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The coffee really needed to be stronger David thought as he contemplated shaking his ass and getting out of the house early. The morning did not look too bad as far as work was concerned, and the afternoon would be a breeze, but that was not what worried him. His first port of call for the day was going to be a tough one, and he really needed to gear himself up for the scantily clad woman who awaited him.

Sitting in front of the computer screen with only a towel around his waist, David was showered, shaved and ready to take on the world. His sensual aftershave permeated the room, he knew it was her favourite and could always tell how the appointment would go as he walked in and she smiled when sniffing the air. However, it had been a few days since his last visit, she would be hungry for him today, and to tell the truth, he was a little anxious.
Not wanting to draw attention to himself, he dressed casually in tracksuit, trainers and sunglasses, left the house and took a casual drive over to the allotted meeting place. David parked in a bay beneath a spreading oak, which would keep the sun off the car and at least make it bearable to get into when he made his quick getaway, and sat for a minute, pondering whether this was a good idea. Yes, ok she excited him. She got his blood racing, and heart pounding, but when it was over, he was always desperate to escape into the fresh air, and leave as quickly as possible. Yet, he could not stay away; he was under her spell.
The Lonely Road
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David leant back against the tree, stuck the grass in his mouth and contemplated how far he had already come and how far he had yet to go. This was the first time in about a week he had sat down for any length of time without fidgeting with urgency to get back on the road, in his need to return home. His locks clung to his head beneath the battered Stetson, which, when new, matched his jet-black hair, but now was more of a dirty dark grey. If he took it off, he knew just where to find the note that she had written, as he carried it everywhere with him, just tucked beneath the inside headband. Every so often, he would take it out, unravel it and read the words, although he knew them by heart he was comforted to know part of her was still with him.

The sun was high in the sky and white billows scuttled across the deep blue as the wind from the south picked up, bringing warmth up from the desert. Tonight however, as every night, when sun disappeared spreading that warm orange hue across the land, the air would chill and he would be shivering beneath some rocky outcrop. The desert was a funny thing. Too hot to cross in the mid-day sun yet as the heat evaporated from the sand; the temperature dropped drastically, not the kind of place where he wanted to spend too much time. His stomach now full from the concoction of beans and dried meat he had cooked over the small fire, then scoffed too fast, made him sleepy, and slowly his eyes closed.


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