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Girls Just Want To Have Fun - Day 2 Ch 12
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Thursday - Chapter 12
©Virginia Alison, ©Keith David, ©Tiffany St David, ©Lucy Dee Blake

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Lu and I lie curled up, like kittens, on her rumpled sheets, surrounded by the musky scent of sex. I feel relaxed for the first time in so long, completely boneless from the release of the incredible orgasm that followed our lovemaking. I slide in and out of sleep, thinking…I should be feeling guilty about this…did I just cheat on my husband? Somehow, it does not feel that way, although I do experience a little twinge of self-doubt at the thought….still thinking about it, I fall away into deep, dreamless sleep…

As Tiff dozes in my bed during the early afternoon, I plot in my kitchen and gather the things that I will need to keep her entertained while Rosie is following through on her end. My picnic basket in one hand and a bottle of chilled champagne in the other, I tiptoe back into the bedroom. I place the basket on the floor by the bed and begin preparations. The champagne flutes clink together as I slide them out onto my night table and Tiff begins to stir. I smile to myself as I pour the champagne. She opens those stunningly beautiful eyes and looks at me.

“Sit up,” I direct her, smirking at her from under the fringe of my bangs. “I have lunch, and treats.”

I fluff the pillows behind her and as she raises her head, I pass her the flute filled with bubbly.

“Drink,” I insist, as I reach into the basket for the first course. I had reheated it moments before, and the container is still warm - a creamy noodle dish from the deli down the street. I do not cook.

Tiffany reaches for it, telling me she is famished, but I gently slap her hand.

“Ah ah,” I purr, grinning from ear-to-ear. “Open your mouth.”

She looks at me curiously, but obeys. I start feeding her, purposefully missing from time to time so that I have an excuse to tenderly lick or kiss away the errant sauce from her lips. When half the dish is gone, I say, “Now my turn.”

Again, she reaches for the dish, thinking she will feed me, but again, I slap away her hand.

Pushing aside the blankets to reveal her luscious body, I spread my share atop her flat belly, and then attack it ravenously, hungry for much more than deli-take out. I make sure to tease her with my lips and tongue, licking, kissing and sucking at her perfect skin as I lap away the saucy delight. The beautiful music of Tiffany’s soft sighs accompanies my meal.

“Oho,” I say, “look what I found!” Delighted, I take out a dish of strawberries and cream. I reach in with my fingers and pop out a plump red berry, smeared with white. I advance on Lu. “Open wide!” I trill and she obeys, thinking I am going to feed it to her. Instead, I first smear the juice of the berry on her lips, then lean in and swipe my tongue against them, tasting the sweetness, before I allow her to take a bite. She closes her eyes in bliss as the sweet juice explodes against her tongue…then I lean in again and take her mouth in a deep kiss, our tongues dancing together in a mélange of strawberry-saturated enchantment. Reaching for another strawberry, smothered with cream, Lu opens her mouth again, thinking I am going to feed her another; instead, I move the berry down to her perky breasts and smear it around her nipples. Her eyes widen and I grin at her before flicking my tongue against first one, then the other tight, hard bud, sucking up the sweetness, hearing a moan in the back of her throat.

I push her gently down onto her back, moving between her legs, still holding the bowl. She knows what is coming next and I hear her draw in a sharp gasp of excitement as I dip my fingers into the bowl, covering them with thick gobs of cream. Using my fingers to paint her groin with the fluffy concoction, taking my time, drawing them lightly over her skin, I make her whimper. Sitting back with satisfaction, I look at her…she is now my canvas, and I, the artist. I smile at her and whisper, “My turn now” before I dip my head between her legs, laving her with my tongue, licking and sucking up the cream that covers her pussy, sliding my tongue into her warm slit, nibbling on her luscious lips, before I suck her clit, hard, between my teeth.  

Her hips urge me on, and I cup my hands around her, holding the cheeks of her ass as I bury my face in her. In no time at all, I feel the muscles of her belly and thighs begin to flutter, and she cries out with the fury of her orgasm, her pliant body spasming in my hands.  My mouth frantically works between her upraised legs in order to give her pleasure so intense it obviously borders on pain. My own clit has been throbbing hard and I raise myself over her, rubbing my pussy against hers. Grinding my hips into her and cumming hard, my cries resonate around the room, echoing hers as I bury my face in her neck.  Lightly nipping at her soft skin, I let the tremors subside before I fall heavily to the sheets beside her.

The berry and cream experience was decadent and delightful, a crazy blend of excruciating pleasures that brought tremors to my knees and almost turned me inside out. However, little did Tiff know that with regards to dessert, the berries and cream were only a side dish. We had both already cum and I knew it would be a slow build, but I could not leave it at that. There was still the piece de resistance. All that our current state actually would mean was that we would need extra help to find our way back again.

I snicker to myself as I drag my numb body out of bed. If Rosie had plans for Tiff, she might be disappointed. I had been waiting for this opportunity for years, and I was not about to waste a second. By the time I would be done with my best friend, she would be so worn out that she would want to sleep until next Tuesday.

I pad across the floor to the blanket box in the far corner and glance over my shoulder at the languid form of Tiffany before lifting the lid. I turn back with a mischievous grin. This is where I keep my very extensive stash of sex toys. I was not looking for anything elaborate, a very simple thing in fact, but just what I needed in this case. It is silver in colour and small, the size and shape of a little egg, with a wire and a control box. I ease my prize out of the chest, and then quietly close it. Then with a stifled giggle, my free hand pressed to my mouth, I stealth back to the bedside.

Tiff raises her head as I approach.

“What have you got there?” she asks.

“Don’t worry,” I laugh, “I’ll show you.”

I flick a switch on the control box, and the egg begins to quiver and hum. I pass the box to Tiff.

“Hold this,” I tell her. I do not bother telling her the purpose of the dial. I know my Tiff and she will be compelled to play with it on her own. I then get down on my knees by the bed and gently push open her legs, still holding the little silver egg between my fingers. She stares at the box in her hand, bewildered.

I reach into the basket and crack open a container there, then dipping two fingers into the frosting of the chocolate cake inside, I begin to slather it all over the insides of her thighs. As I start to trace the lines of frosting with my tongue, I bring the vibrating egg up to her clit. Tiff jumps a little, partially because the egg is a little cold to the touch, hardly warmed from sitting in my hand, and partially because the new sensation was completely unexpected. She gasps quietly and then eventually begins to moan, rocking with the tingling thrum. I know what will come next.

Her free hand makes its way to the dial and she starts to move it, testing to see what changes this might bring, the vibration of the egg immediately intensifies. Tiff gasps louder this time, jerking in response, and I dip my hand back into the basket for a second round of frosting.

I lie on Lu’s bed, the scent from the candles wafting over my supine body. I do not think I can move after what just happened. I am only vaguely aware of Lu moving away from my side and climbing off the bed. Music is still playing in the background – the slow, steady beat of the music almost pulsing to the throb of my heart. I let my thoughts drift to what has happened since I walked into Lu’s place. I had been expecting a counselling session, but what really happened was – sex. I realize that I do not see Rosie on the chaise and wonder where she has gone. Thoughts flash back to Tom and I feel a pang of guilt as I think of him, sitting at work, probably morose because he “hates his fucking job” while I am here in Lucy’s bed, screwing my brains out with my best friend…

There is another surprise. I expect her to touch me between the legs but instead, she opens the picnic basket again, reaching in for something that coats her fingers, a dark substance that looks suspiciously like chocolate. My thigh muscles tense as I feel her paint my skin with it, followed by her warm tongue, licking and flicking against me. Then I feel her touch my clit. No, it is not her tongue, I think, as a wave of sensation hits me; it is whatever she is holding in her hand. My hips jump involuntarily as I feel a cool buzz against my clit. The pressure increases slightly and realization hits me. Squirming beneath her mouth, I look at the small box in my hand, giving the dial on the top a slight twist. Immediately, the vibration against my sensitive bud increases, and my lower body rises off the bed in response. I hear myself moan as I grit my teeth against the incredible sensations that run from my clit up across my belly to my nipples, hearing myself begin to pant as I feel her tongue moving against me.

I savour the taste of Tiffany mingled with chocolate.

“Mmm-good,” I murmur, licking my lips and watching her arch in response the intense sensations brought on by the touch of my toy. This is a good start, but I know I can give her more. Then again, she can give herself more, I think with a wicked grin. There is still room on that dial.

Another round of frosting follows, and this time I do not just lick and suck. This time I nip, knowing the greater the stimulation, the more likely I will get her well-worn body to respond. I also pay careful attention to her clit, gently kneading its swollen pink perfection with the humming silver egg, each stroke timed to match the rocking of her hips. Her pants turn into heated groans, her pitch and volume rising with each new gasp.

Tiff drops the box, reaching down with both hands to grasp my shoulders tightly, digging her fingernails into my soft flesh. It is beautiful pain, and it blends with my own growing arousal, threatening to overwhelm me before I can finish what I started. Releasing only restrained moans, I nuzzle at her fingers with my sticky cheeks, then kiss and suck at them.

“So beautiful,” I sigh. “You’ve always been so beautiful. For as long as I‘ve known you, all I ever wanted to do was please you.”

I feel her start to shudder, the spasms wracking her body in blissful convulsions. She gulps in air when she gets the chance, barely able to breathe through her rapture.

When the crescendo breaks, and she slides limply back into the blankets, now breathing very heavily, I sit back on my haunches and stare at her. My own body still tingles from the shared experience and without realizing it my eyes narrow, imagining what Tom would have done with her, given the same opportunity. I bet you never made her feel like that, you bastard, I think to myself, growling quietly under my breath at the notion. I know Rosie is likely with him now, and I hope she is making him suffer.

Tiffany is a precious treasure that ought to be worshipped and served. He – does not – deserve – her.

I continue to gasp and squirm under Lu’s questing mouth, as I feel her gently nip me in my most sensitive places, frantically twisting the dial on the little box as she presses the tiny vibrator hard against my clit…already so sensitive from hours of delicious attention. I feel almost delirious as I crest higher and higher, unable to stop the moans and sighs that come from me, one hand pulling and twisting at my nipples, melding pleasure with pain.

Finally, I cannot take anymore…the sensation is too intense…I toss the box aside and reach for Lu, digging my nails into the soft flesh of her shoulders, wanting her to be on the edge just like I am. She moans softly, taking my fingers into her mouth, kissing, licking, sucking at my flesh even as she still presses what she is holding against my sensitive flesh. I feel myself spinning out of control, the candles arcing into bright flashes, as my body starts to convulse beneath her touch. I hear her sigh and speak to me, but the words are lost in an orgiastic haze as I gasp out her name and cum, endlessly.

Falling back onto the bed, still gasping, I look down over my exhausted body, filmed with a fine layer of perspiration, at Lu. For a moment, I see an expression cross her face that looks like anger, and I wonder what she is thinking.

Tiffany dozes again and I leave her this time to re-energize. I cannot find the peace that she has found however, disturbed by the fact that I will soon have to return her to Tom. If he were not such a careless scoundrel, I could shrug it off, for the sake of her happiness. For a change, I worry that Rosie will not be able to pull this off, and won’t be able to restore any shred of decency that might happen to still lurk somewhere deep within that cad. I resent him...I resent him twice as much because I find him as aesthetically pleasing as Tiffany always has, and that irks me to no end.

I pace the floor quietly, knowing that Rosie’s man will be calling soon with instructions. The environment to which I will be returning Tiffany has to be right. Rosie needs to fix Tom, and fix him good. Tiff does not like it rough, not the way that I do, but Tom never seemed to care about that, striving only to fulfil his own urges. She likes pampering and being played with in a gentle and adoring way, and that is what she should have, but he was hardly the attentive one, treating her like just another slab of meat. I growl quietly to myself again, a low rumbling at the back of my throat, as I chew anxiously at my nails. He made her cry. I hated that.

When she had first introduced me to Tom, I had been both threatened and enthused. I could see how enthralled she was with him, absolutely smitten, in fact, and he had seemed to reciprocate at the time. I was concerned that he would bump me out of her life, and therein lay the threat, but there was also the possibility that he might be into sharing and I could see huge potential there too. I liked sharing – just the thought of it made my juices flow like crazy. Those broad shoulders, the square jaw, those wide hands certainly would draw no objection from me, and I could not help but expect that his cock...

The phone rang just at that moment, jolting me out of my anxious reverie. I reached for it with some trepidation. This would no doubt be Rosie’s man.

The sound of a bell rouses me from the deep reverie into which I have fallen…and I slowly open my eyes. Lu comes bouncing into the bedroom, kisses me and hands me my clothes. I stare at her, uncomprehending. “Get dressed, honey,” she urges me. “Rosie’s man, Alan, is on his way to take you home.” I slip into my dress, cannot find my thong, and slide my sandals back onto my feet.

“What’s the big hurry?” I ask Lucy, stumbling out of the bedroom behind her, hopping on one foot, trying to fasten my sandal. She seems to be in such a hurry, for some reason.

“Rosie sent him to take you home, she said Tom will be home in the next hour and you have to get ready for your evening with him. Alan will have all the details,” she responds. Just then, there is a knock at the door and Lu hustles me out quite unceremoniously into the hands of Alan, who is wearing a smirk on his face. I get into the car with him and press him for details, but all he tells me is that Tom will be home soon, and I need to prepare for a romantic evening with my husband. He gives me some instructions from Rosie and I tell him to stop on the way so that I can pick up a few things. He willingly obliges. After dropping me off in front of my gate, he speeds off, no doubt to perform another errand for the mysterious Rosie.

I dash in through the front door, drop the bags in the kitchen and run upstairs to take a quick shower. Wrapping a towel around me after I slather jasmine-scented lotion all over my body, I inspect my wardrobe. Hmmmmm, I think, what should I wear? I pull out a suit that I bought some months ago, but have never worn – I bought it for its deep cranberry colour that I fell in love with when I saw it in the store window. The skirt is short but not too revealing, the jacket dips to a deep V – perfect for wearing a lacy black camisole underneath. I put on a lacy black thong and high-heeled pumps that match the suit. Make-up is light but smoky eyes and cranberry collared lips with just a slick of gloss. A dab or two of perfume, my hair up in a loose knot, and I am ready. Excitement flutters in my belly, mixed with nervousness. I have no idea what to expect when Tom walks through the front door.