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Girls Just Want To Have Fun - Day 2 Ch 11
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Thursday - Chapter 11
©Virginia Alison, ©Keith David, ©Tiffany St David, ©Lucy Dee Blake

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Those five words say it all. I may have broken all records this time, acquiescence usually takes at least three days, and a lot more work.  Tom, however, is drooling already and eager to please; there is hope for him yet. The day is only half done, and by the time he falls into bed tonight he is going to wish his cock could drop off. Taking a quick glance at my watch, five o’clock, and spot on time, Alan should be ringing Lucy about now to tell her to send Tiffany home at five thirty and to expect a visitor shortly after. He will then ring Tiffany when she gets home to give her a few simple instructions. ‘Mmm lucky lady,” I afford myself a satisfied smirk.

Perching my bum back on the desktop, I pull the chair closer.  The sweat on Tom’s brow and upper lip is glistening in the light.  Licking his lips he sits in front of me, patiently, awaiting his fate. Lying back and raising my foot, I put my toes on his lips,

“Let's start at the bottom and work our way up,” I purr as his mouth closes around my big toe. The heat of his tongue sliding over the skin sends little sensual tingles up my legs; he is very adept, working his way between each wriggling digit, tickling my senses. He licks and nibbles at my skin, up the ankle to my calf as I rest my foot on his shoulder. Gasping for breath, his mouth glides over the skin of my inner thigh and he re doubles his efforts as he inhales the scent of my sex.

“Stop - now the other leg,” and I smile as he takes a deep sigh, his goal denied, but obediently starts on the toes of my other foot. I can feel my juices flowing as he works his way up, taking his time and hesitating as he closes in again on the aroma. Suddenly his hands are on my thighs as he reaches the soft skin of my lips but I push him away with my feet , sit up and slap his hands,

“NO touching, keep your hands to yourself,” and he whimpers, his trembling hands grasp the arms of the chair again. His cock glistens with precum and he gasps as I slide my finger over the hot and turgid bulbous tip, and giggle as it twitches beneath my touch. “Misbehaving gets you this,” and I turn the button on the ring to increase the speed. His hips rise off the chair as the sensation kicks in, and the moans get louder. “I wonder how many are outside the door listening to this,” I giggle softly again, and he immediately shuts up.

“Is this what you want?” and sliding my finger deep inside the twitching muscles of my pussy, I run my finger over his lips again, taking it away as he goes to suck on it. He nods as he licks his lips. I pull him close again and put my feet on his shoulders. “Well, show me how much you want to please me.”

Inside my head my mind screams, ‘Ouch! Stop it with flicking my cock and that damn electrical thing’ to ‘Why am I do this and how can I make it stop?’ Unfortunately, the one thought that returns the strongest and seems to dominate my actions is, ‘How can I get my dick into her sexy honey pot?’ I do not utter a word though, beyond the moans I cannot seem to hold back. Driven by the lust and need for release I follow each command, but I am getting gun shy from the corrections she is using.

I do not want any more flicks and I certainly do not want her to turn up that device locked around my cock, as the shock sends rippling waves from the base of my cock to the tip and back through my balls until my ass clinches and squeezes down on itself like a pussy having an orgasm. I decide obedience is the quickest way out of this and continue to pray if I just give her what she wants then it will be the end of this whole thing. I just hope all she wants is sex with me, but then why go through all this trouble. It just does not make sense.

Resolved to do my best, and with my desire to have more of her pussy on my lips, I curse the blindfold as I would love to see if the carpet matches the curtains on her - I am pretty sure it does. With her feet on either side of my head, I slide my tongue slowly down the inside of her thigh swirling in tight circles and taking my time the best I can. I really want to use my hands her, but will heed that last warning and keep them to myself until instructed otherwise.

Nearing the junction of her thighs and body, I can feel the heat as the sweetest pussy scent I have ever smelled wafts like a drug through my nose. There is something raw and primitive yet extraordinarily enticing about the smell of pussy in general, but hers was phenomenally captivating. Did I honestly expect any less?

Using only my tongue, very hesitantly and slowly in an attempt to avoid further punishment, I moisten the sides of her soft dewy petals. Her taste fills my mouth for the first time and I am intoxicated with desire. Bending as low as I can reach, my tongue laps lightly at a drop of her honey resting at the base of her flowered petals like a treasured drop of liquid nectar. I wonder to myself how much more I can tease from within.

Placing small sucking kisses starting at the bottom of her lips and alternating between her left and right side; my tongue darts out occasionally and penetrates just the tip inside her slit. I feel the moisture and heat within, beckoning me onward as she places one hand on the back of my head and pulls my mouth into her.

“That’s it, tongue fuck me, Tom. Do you need encouragement?”

I feel a short burst of electricity with the vibration in my cock ring and I snap into quick action. My tongue darts out tight and stiff as she grabs the back of my head and begins to move my whole head so my tongue presses deep into the waiting slit. I lock my face tight to her, my nose nearly crushed by the pressure as she pulls me into her. I move my tongue up and down, in and out as it fucks her like a tiny cock.

Desperately trying to give her pleasure, I attempt to slide slightly higher so my upper lips begin to graze her clit while my tongue remains dancing and wiggling inside her. I feel her legs twitch and her hips grind still harder into my face as she uses both hands now to push, pull and guide my head into all her favourite spots. I can almost feel the swelling in her clit as it grows under my lips and tongue into a large, tight bundle.

She is trying to work my face like a toy, moving it back and forth on her pussy. I make sure my teeth are protected by my lips and try to remain as pliable to her action as possible, trusting she know what she wants. Her moans increase, gradually at first, then with more insistence. Suddenly she releases my head and lies back on the desk. I am afraid she is grabbing the remote on my cock ring, so I dive in with all my efforts.

Wrapping her swollen clit in my mouth, I suck and lick it like there is no tomorrow. Occasionally dipping low and running my tongue up and down the length of her slit, I so wish I could stick a finger or two inside her, but I use my mouth and tongue on every inch until I concentrate fully on the tight pink button that seems to be driving her so crazy. I pull it from beneath the hooded sheath with my lips, my tongue flicks and my mouth sucks furiously against the hot wet skin.

Her legs wrap tightly around my neck, locking my face in place as her ass lifts off the desk. Balancing on my shoulders, she bucks and fucks my face like a beast. Her honey begins to flow down my face and foolishly, I use my hands to hold her ass as she rides what seems like wave after wave of orgasm on my face.

Trying to maintain control, my cock is throbbing and pulsing until she turns on the damn cock ring in the middle of her orgasm. I nearly scream aloud, but her legs wrap me even tighter into her sex. The pulses are running rhythmically like waves this time up and down my shaft as if she is jacking off my cock. I feel my orgasm begin to build as my balls tighten and the waves of her orgasm stop. As suddenly as the pulses started, they stop again leaving me more frustrated than I ever thought possible.

I try to continue to lick and suck her clit and dripping slit, but she sits up and pushes me back in the chair. I must have looked like a kid who just dropped his ice cream cone, I assume, because she takes one look at my face and just laughs.

My body reacts violently to Tom’s tongue lashing, partly due to the fact he is pretty good at it, and partly due to watching Lucy and Tiffany earlier on, their bodies entwined on that bed like two silken nymphs sampling the first forbidden apple. My thoughts scream into oblivion, as I grasp his head and ride his tongue until orgasmic release sweeps through my sinews. The flowing ripples of pleasure ebb away slowly as my lungs catch up with the rest of my body.

Gasping I look at Toms face covered in my juices and smack his hands that are gripping my ass, I can almost see the look of panic beneath the blindfold that gives way to relief as I throw back my head and laugh, “You’re not bad, not bad at all,” I finally manage to say, “There is hope for you yet.”

Sitting up and lowering my trembling legs, I lean into him and lick the cum off his face, and I kiss him lightly on the lips.

“Aaagh,” his gasp of relief turns to a sharp intake of breath, as I grab the chair arms and lower myself on his lap, his cock slides into the clenching muscles, pulling his erection into my soft folds. He screws up his eyes and a hiss escapes his clenched teeth, this was going to be quick.

“You’ll come when I tell you,” I whisper into his ear and tighten my heat around him. The throbbing of his engorged sex starts my clit tingling, leaning back on the desk; I whisper again, “Fuck me.”

Tom’s reaction is immediate, grabbing my ass and digging his fingers into my cheeks he slides out of me then slams in, repeatedly, impaling my body with his cock, his fevered breath jerking with each stroke, hitting my G spot sending my nerves into overdrive. Finally, I can take no more, “NOW,” I demand loudly, two strokes send him crashing into release, and as my second climax sweeps over me his body shudders with almost silent moans and he empties his hot frustration deep inside.

As Rosie slides down on my cock, her body presses the vibrating ring hard into my scrotum and the base of my cock, sending waves of pleasure throughout my loins. She is amazingly tight after the orgasm and the squeezing heated moisture of her pussy engulfs my cock before I could prepare for the sensations. I feel like I could explode instantly on my first grinding thrust in her smooth sheath.

I feel her muscles rippling and squeezing my shaft sucking and stroking it deeper into the depth of her pussy. Instinctively I reach for her ass to gain leverage, and ignore the fact that she gave me no instruction to do so, but I pull her body into mine as we slide together. I know how to use my meat, how to hit that magic spot inside and still apply friction to her sensitive clit with my pelvis. I use every bit of my skill to bring her pleasure.

Her instructions to wait prove a difficult task. The need to release bears down quickly on me, her silky wet pussy seems to be tugging and milking my cock as the sensations build to almost an unbearable level. Trying to hold back my load makes the head of my dick feel like every layer by layer is ripping off, as the head gets more and more sensitive. I try to concentrate on the Cubs winning the World Series, fishing, anything to take my mind from the pleasure so erotic and intense until I finally hear the sweetest word ever, “Now!”

The explosion rocks my body like a nuclear bomb. Struggling not to scream, I grunt and moan as my pelvis thrusts and every muscle in my body tenses. My load shoots from my cock with jet-powered velocity; pulse after convulsive pulse of juice fills her deepest cavities. The wetness surrounds me, and I feel the heated moisture sliding down my length as she sits on top of me.

Only after I begin to regain my composure do I realize she must have cum too. Her breathing, the redness in her cheeks, yes I do believe she had another orgasm. And while I would never say anything, and I am ashamed I have cheated on my wife for the first time, I smile inside, pleased that I was able to please her, and I wonder to myself how long it’s been since I have seen that look on Tiffany’s face.

As the seconds tick away and breathing slows to mere gulps of air I pull off him, my legs are a little wobbly as I manoeuvre myself to standing. His head is slumped on his chest but there is a smile on his lips as I say,

“Yes, not bad at all, now up you get, tidy yourself, can’t have you going out looking like that.” and he scrabbles at the buttons on his shirt before tucking himself away and zipping up the trousers. Turning him away from me I re-do the blindfold, tighten it with the words, “I’m not finished with you yet, we are going on a little trip,” and put my hand over his mouth as he starts to protest. “You’re wasting your time laddie, it’s time to kick your butt into shape.”