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Girls Just Want To Have Fun - Day 2 Ch 9
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Thursday - Chapter 9
©Virginia Alison, ©Keith David, ©Tiffany St David, ©Lucy Dee Blake

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Pure wantonness in the most beautiful form evolves before my eyes as Tiffany rises to the challenge, unabashedly taking Lucy to the heights they have both longed for. My body’s sinews scream at me as tension builds within the pits of my stomach. Struggling to keep from leaping into the fray, I am not prepared to spoil this beautiful coupling for the sake of self-gratification.

As Lu explodes under Tiffs expert mouth I lick my lips, I can still taste her from last night, sweet and juicy, her aroma assailing my senses as I take a deep breath, my insides clenching at the memory. Through my half closed eyes, I watch as Lucy greedily sucks on fingers, slick with her own juices and she turns to look at me, eagerness in her face, really knowing that she needs no permission, I smile and nod at her anyway.  My time will come and as I muse, a distinctive perfume wafts through the air. I can’t quite place it; it’s expensive, that I know and I guess that it’s Tiffany’s.

My thoughts wander for a fleeting moment; I have a little visit to make this afternoon. Misty will have oiled the way, so to speak - just have to drop by Alan’s on the way to pick up some photographs. A giggle forms on my lips and I have to stifle it. Tiffany will be well, well looked after for a few hours; Lucy will see to that and my ‘appointment’ is going to get the surprise of his life.

Rosie gives me the okay, and I turn back to Tiff. I have been struggling to get to this place for years, but Tiffany always seemed to throw up one new hurdle after the other. I had assumed that Tom would be the final one, and then he turned into a dog, a sex hound, a mangy boozing loafer who kept tripping up. He had pushed her away, and from all appearances, right into my waiting arms.

After all that, she lies before me here, lustful and ready for this eclipse, like a blank canvas that I can paint, tracing her with my demanding fingers and adorning her with my anxious tongue. – No, not a blank canvas, but like a photo, awaiting a frame. She allowed Rosie to ease her into her element, now I want to plunge her headlong into mine.

I lie back on the bed, feeling Lucy’s eyes feast hungrily on my body, waiting breathlessly for her to touch me. We have touched over the years but I have never opened myself to her so completely, never allowed her to take the final step beyond merely fingering my pussy and my clit…excitement floods me as liquid heat coils in my belly, waiting for the touch of her sweet, moist mouth on my body.

I feel her mouth on my breasts, working her way lower. For a second, she dips her tongue into my navel and I am surprised at just how erotic this feels, the muscles in my thighs loosen and I spread my legs, needing her there…she slides her mouth over my belly, my muscles quivering, before I feel warmth and wetness between my legs. She uses her mouth to tease, the sensation of her tongue against my clit indescribable, making me arch my hips against her face, wanting her to dive into my sweetness, but then she works her way back up my body…

I moan with delight as tremors pass through me. I ache for release, my clit throbbing, my tight sheath clenching and unclenching…she looks at me and grins, and whispers for me to wait. Wait? How can she make me wait now? In a flash, she runs from the room, and I look over at Rosie through hazy eyes…she shrugs and smiles back at me.

I tease her with my mouth until I have raised myself within inches from her face. Then with a wicked and playful grin, I whisper, “Don’t move I’ll be back in a ‘flash’.” I spring to my feet and sprint from the room. I make a beeline to the cabinet where I keep my photography equipment. Squirming eagerly, I slide a slender digital camera from the drawer there with a triumphant laugh. It may not be the best camera I have, but I want something small, that will not get in the way. I also want something that will allow me to preserve these memories because an opportunity like this may never arrive again.

I clasp the camera in my palm and return to the bedroom in a hurry, pressing it to my chest, so I can feel its cold hardness and the beating of my thrumming heart. These photos will be better than anything I have ever produced in the past, filled with passion and evoking emotion. As I pleasure her to orgasm, I want to capture every twitch and every curve. I want to immortalize the look of perfect bliss on her face, and if she does find happiness with Tom again, which I know Rosie can make happen if she chooses to, then I will have something to treasure while I fantasize about Tiff again, once she is gone.

I rush back into the room, hoping that she is anticipating, and waiting however impatiently for my return. I wave the camera at her, aroused by the idea that she might pose seductively for me while I ravish her and lift her to ecstasy. I wait to see how she will respond. This will not work unless she is agreeable.

She does make me smile – Lu, always ready for a photo opportunity and what better way to capture this moment, which they have both longed for. Tiffany on the other hand, looks a little startled when Lucy comes in waving her camera. Purring with delight, I murmur,

“Lucy you are so delectable.” Grinning broadly, I nod at Tiffany who seems to relax a little and I can almost see her body flushing as the thought sinks in. I allow myself a satisfactory pat on the back, part B almost accomplished.

In no time at all, Lu is back in the bedroom, sprinting toward me, her perky breasts bouncing deliciously. She is holding a tiny camera in her hand and she waves it at me excitedly, a question in her eyes. I realize that she wants to photograph me, and a thrill pulses through me at the thought. I have had plenty of photo shoots, even nude ones, but this….this will be different. A shock of arousal rushes through me at the thought, making me whimper with need, and I nod jerkily, giving her permission to use the camera any way she wants…I love her, and I trust her….I just need her to pleasure me until I cum, screaming...

I will not let Tiff find her release right away. I need her pleasure to linger if I want to get the pictures that I know she can give me. I return to my earlier ministrations, initially by just brushing her gently with the fingertips of one hand, the camera cradled cautiously in the other. As I trace her perfect curves, I wait for her response, whether she tenses, relaxes, twists or leans in towards me. I capture the image of that body part, paying careful heed to light and shadows. In some instances, there is the gentle sheen of perspiration that accompanies quiet and contented moans. In others, as she stiffens in her arousal, there is sublime contrast between that tension and the soft curves behind it. My own body tingles from nose to toes. All of the elements of my bliss merge together, right here in my own bedroom. I could not be happier. I am in heaven.

I am barely aware that Rosie is still in the room, focused entirely on capturing the things I adore most about Tiffany. I am so excited that my own breath is coming in short panting gasps. I murmur in a sultry way, directing her poses as I lean into her. I tease her a little with my mouth, but I cannot take photos while I am doing this so I mostly rely on my free hand and various other parts of my body to touch her. I am no longer using any subtlety, rubbing her with controlled fervour, and in some cases getting a little rough with her, just to get a variety of responses.

I climb onto the bed beside her and force her legs apart with my knees, still snapping photos. Then, single-handedly, I lower myself on top of her as she writhes in rhythm to the music that still plays in the background, thrusting her hips and pelvis into me, and crying out softly. I rest my weight on her, pinning her in place so her jarring movements will not blur the pictures. She still thrashes as my hand now squeezes and massages her pussy in a way I would find overwhelmingly stimulating; I feel my juices flowing and my legs tremble at the thought.

I bury my face in her neck, unable to resist her tantalizing scent and I pause in my picture taking for just a moment. The tip of my tongue flicks out and traces tiny circles on the slightly damp skin there. She tastes of salt and musk and I sigh hungrily before pulling my face away again.

I look at the mixture of longing and exhilaration on her face and I know the time is right. I concentrate my attention on her clit, my fingers working overtime to bring on her orgasm as I frantically take picture after picture of the ecstasy that invades her features. Her eyes have closed, her cheeks and lips are flushed, sweat delicately beading her forehead, and her mouth open just wide enough to allow her deep-throated moans of pleasure to escape. This was what I wanted, the ultimate perspective of Tiff’s satisfaction. Swallowed up by her bliss, I cum with her, and collapse on top afterwards in an exhausted and limp heap.

I wait for Lu to touch me, but she teases me oh so lightly with her fingers, driving me wild. Her hands paint pictures on my body, using my skin as a canvas….at times her touch is as light as a butterfly’s wings, making me melt into her sheets, at others it is harder, more insistent, and I arch my body into her touch, whimpering and moaning. I feel a light sweat break out on my body and I sigh with bliss. I want her to tip me over the edge but she is the painter, and I can only wait while she draws sensation out of me, the tiny camera in her hand capturing every subtle movement of my body…every expression on my face…

She is panting, moving me this way and that, posing me, and I stretch into the poses, falling naturally into my role as a model. From time to time I feel her warm, wet mouth on me and the touch is exquisite torture to me…I want her so badly but let her take centre stage as my heat and excitement builds. Every now and then, my body jolts and rises from the bed as her touch becomes stronger, even rougher. She is invoking a firestorm of sensation that races through me from my head to my toes, my own breath coming in small gasps as she works her magic on me.

She moves between my legs and I part them widely. I allow her to take pictures of my open, glistening pussy, as my clit throbs hard in a pulsing beat that matches the music. I feel her weight settle on me, pinning me, as she thrusts her fingers deep inside my wet sheath. Her thumb rubbing hard against my clit, making me squirm with tension, wanting relief…she kisses my neck, the sensitive spot just beneath my ear, and a spike of heat travels down through me, causing me to clutch convulsively at the sheets beneath my writhing body.  She rubs my clit harder and I close my eyes in rapture, so close to the edge I can feel my thighs beginning to tremble with tension…I moan deep in my throat as I feel my long-awaited release begin. A powerful orgasm rips through me and I whisper her name as it shatters me into a million tiny shards of delight, pulling her mouth to mine and thrusting my tongue against hers as I feel her body quiver and shake on mine, Lu finding her own release as I cum, and cum again. We stay like that, our limbs and tongues locked together, as we melt into an unbelievable, mutual bliss.

As the two of them succumb to their orgasms, I quickly get up and grab Lucy’s camera and click off a few well placed shots, their faces showing total contentment as their bodies heave and glisten in the gentle light.

Placing the camera on the bedside table, I bend over and kiss them both on the cheek, “enjoy your afternoon, my little fillies,” I say, pick up my shoes and handbag and quietly leave. My face is looking a little flushed, ‘not surprising really’ I smile to myself as I pass in the hall mirror. Those girls certainly know how to put on a show! Fixing my make-up and hair, I put my shoes back on and call Freddie.

The air outside is warm as I leave by the front door, a slight breeze in the air has the smell of thunder but there is not a cloud in the sky. I make a mental note to ring Lu a bit later; I am really looking forward to hearing how their afternoon continues. I almost regret leaving them, but there is plenty of time yet for the three of us to have some fun. Shrugging my shoulders as the cab arrives; I smile at my cabbie and get in the car.

“Where are you off to lovey?” Freddie turns round with one of those cheeky grins on his face.

A quick glance at the clock and I know I better get going. The boss is already pissed; I do not need to add fuel to that fire. I throw down a 20 to cover my lunch leaving Davey watching Amber pull the strings from her top, freeing “Mindy” and “Mandy” as she calls them. Her perfectly choreographed move allows the sculptured 38 DD’s to stand proud with nipples hard and ready to poke out an eye. Turning towards the door, I run directly into Misty, nearly knocking her over. We grab each other to keep from falling. I feel her tits press tightly against my chest, as my hands instinctively grab the tight muscles and smooth skin of her lower back. The smell of sweet stripper perfume intoxicates my senses and numbs my mind.

“Well, well Tom. Are you ready for that dance? The first one is already paid for.”

“ Already paid for? From who?”

Davey chimes in, “Not me man, but I’ll take it!”

“ You gonna look a gift horse in the mouth, sugar?”

Misty presses and wriggles her body like a snake next to mine, in her skimpy pink thong bikini, slowly brushing her lips along my neck until I can feel her breath tickling my ear. An involuntary shiver works itself from head to toe as the conflict of duty and want once again collide like freight trains in me. I curse my stupid job and stupid life as my hands glide up and down the taut muscles of her back. Without waiting for me to respond, she turns away, grabs my hand and guides me to a private bench in the back room.

The lights are dim, the bass beat loud and no one else around as Misty pushes me onto the padded bench and starts to dance. Teasingly wiggling her ass in my face, I feel my cock begin to throb to life. She bends at the waist, looks back at me between her legs with a smile and runs her finger along the thin pink fabric covering puffy pussy lips. I watch as she massages her clit through the thin fabric and slowly works her finger under the material and deep into her pouting lips. My mouth falls open slightly as I am mesmerized.

In a single fluid motion, she removes her finger, stands, and presses her ass against my chest forcing me back on the bench. Straddling my legs, she grabs my knees and pulls them together as she grinds her tight butt cheeks against the raging hard-on bulging in my pants. Her ass cheeks squeeze my cock as if she was using her fist and the sensation is fantastic. After the build up last night my balls are full and in need of release.

Knowing my song is near the end; I reach around and squeeze her tits as she slides along my shaft. She spins around on me with the precision of a dancer. Straddling me face first she grabs my head and presses it between her mounds. Bouncing and sliding along my still fully clothed body, and engulfed in the feel and smell of Misty. My cock throbs and twitches for more attention, more stimulation, and I meet her every thrust with my own bucking hips.

As abruptly as it began, the song ends and Misty climbs off me like she just completed a bank withdrawal, but I notice the dark wet streak on her bikini thong as she does and I smile knowing there was some enjoyment in it for her as well.

“OK Tom, back to work for you I guess. See you next time?”

“ One of these days, Misty, I’m not going to let you off so easy…one of these days.”

“ Ha! Yeah, that is what you always say!”