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Girls Just Want To Have Fun - Day 1 Ch 5
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Thursday - Chapter 5
©Virginia Alison, ©Keith David, ©Tiffany St David, ©Lucy Dee Blake

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I am half-asleep when I pick up the phone, wondering whom on earth would me calling at this god-awful hour, and still a little groggy from my earlier adventures with the wine that followed Tiffany’s visit.

“What?” I mutter unhappily, dispensing with all pleasantries. I run my hand through my dishevelled hair and stand with one leg twisted partially around the other, the strap from one side of my black camisole top hanging off my shoulder, exposing most of that small perky breast. I instantly become more alert when I hear Rosie’s voice on the other end of the phone. My stance straightens, and I start winding the phone cord around one finger in an anticipatory fashion.

“Company? Of course I want company, if it happens to be you. You are coming alone aren’t you?”

I start dashing around the room to everywhere within reach of the phone cord, growing excited and little weak in the knees at the mere thought of Rosie’s arrival. My loft is a total wreck, and I toss what I can into the closet or under the bed. The half-eaten, day-old sandwich, brown apple core and the watery remains of oatmeal from breakfast will have to wait until I get off the phone. The phone cord does not reach the kitchen.

I hear her laugh quietly, perhaps at the sounds of my sudden flurry of activity, but she does not respond immediately. She should know what I am up to by now, since she knows me well enough by this point. Artists are not supposed to be neat. Tidiness does not coincide with a creative mind.

I pause, myself, for a few moments, eagerly awaiting her reply. I feel myself growing aroused in the interim, and brush my bare shoulder sensually with my fingertips.

I can hear a little panic in her voice as she mumbles; only half awake, she still sounds quite happy to shake her little booty for a good reason. Waiting until she finally calms down, I laugh and whisper,

“Oh yes well and truly alone, be there in ten.” I giggle and close my phone, imagining the
panic as Lu dashes round wondering what to clean up first. I do not really care; I am not going there to inspect her cleaning skills.

The cab driver arrives and I climb in, give him the address and sit back musing on the evening’s events. Part A is complete. That should make him more malleable for what I have in mind. I of course am truly wicked at heart but my methods work and oh boy, I do love my job. Sure enough ten minutes later we draw up outside Lucy’s place. Paying the cabbie and shutting the door, I walk up the path to her front door and ring the bell.

A slightly dishevelled Lu answers the door, hair a little wild, black cami and little panties greet me along with a welcoming smile. Pushing her back inside with one hand as the other hand closes the door, I pin her up against the wall. Looking at her face, I can see the longing, and her body heaves with possibilities. Leaning in I brush my lips to hers and my tongue flicks out as she opens her mouth inviting me in. I delve in through her moist wine scented lips, tasting her and feeling the heat flush through my body.

Pulling away a little and with a slight smirk on my face, I murmur, “Hi Lu, you look good enough to eat,” and watch as she opens her eyes and smiles. Her luscious lips and flushed cheeks are so appealing. Her eyes glisten as I take my hand and run it down the smooth skin on her face following the contours of her long neck to the soft skin above her breast, watching her eyes close as my hand cups her and squeezes gently.

Rosie’s entrance is typical of the awe-inspiring woman. She sweeps in like a hurricane and is on me in an instance, which is why I always anticipate her visits with such enthusiasm. There is no second-guessing what she wants, and no negotiating what she has to offer. She is full-force, make-your-toes curl and your body rock, Rosie.

I savour the feel of her hands and mouth on me, as it pushes all the loneliness out of my human-contact craving body. Every flick of her deliciously perfect tongue thrills me, and those talented fingers seem to titillate my skin in all the right places. She is a veritable goddess, and one whom I hope can teach me all of her enervating wonders.

I let her guide me over to the bed and I slide down her succulent curves, breathing deeply and nuzzling her flat belly and inner thighs. She purrs softly and the sound makes me ache for her, from the buzz in my muddled head, to the tingle in my energized clit. Then she pushes me backwards, ever so gently, forcing me onto the bed. That is Rosie’s way, though. She is the expert, so she is the one in control. Her way is just fine with me. I am willing to relinquish the reins. I settle into the sheet with a blissful sigh and wait eagerly to see what she has in store for me.

As I stand over her, I feel my insides stir. Delectable and succulent, that is Lucy. Her pale smooth and silky skin and beautiful breasts lead down to her flat stomach and soft mound eagerly arching towards me. My eyes linger, drinking in her beauty as I slip my dress over my head and step out of my shoes. Sitting beside her on the bed, I brush a stray lock of hair away from her face. She closes her eyes and my fingers slide down her cheeks, over the alabaster skin that is glistening with perspiration on the dip and curve of her neck. I hook my fingers under the hem of her little black top and slide it off her body.

A little gasp escapes my lips, perfection is in front of me, and I resist the urge to ravage her. I want some time to get to know this delight. She looks up at me with those big eyes and I hook my finger under her chin, raising her mouth to mine. My tongue demands entrance into her succulent mouth. I feel the welcome as she responds with equal fervour.

Sinking back onto the bed, I move over her body, opening her legs with a little pressure and
kneel between them. My hands glide over the skin of her shoulders, down her arms and I raise her hands above her head. Her nipples are erect, the dark skin around crinkles as blood surges into each bud when I take them between my fingers and playfully give them a squeeze, feeling my own breasts respond as the blood rushes into them.

Her soft belly, flickers in response to my nails gently scraping down over the skin to her partly shaven pussy. Soft downy hair runs down the centre of her swollen lips and I hear a small moan while she writhes under my touch. I gently brush over my prize and she widens her legs, pushing her hips up towards me as I bend down to kiss her satin body. Lazily circling my tongue over the skin on her belly, I take my time teasing and tempting this delicious creature.

Mmmm, I think to myself, her skin tastes so good and I can no longer resist that which I so desperately want as my tongue finds its way down to her sweet mound. I spread her lips with my hands; her soft folds of skin are moist and throbbing under my touch. A gentle lick, sweeps over the ambrosia that is mine for the taking.

She knows what makes me tick and her careful attention arouses me to the point where I cannot hold back a series of small gasping moans. I arch my back, and instinctively thrust my pelvis towards her, feeling a tremor run through my body. She is an expert at working her magic, and I cannot imagine anyone resisting her charms.

When she starts into me with her tantalizing tongue, I shudder uncontrollably beneath its touch. Breathlessly, I reach for her hair, entwining my fingers in its silky strands and jerking her head closer to me, whimpering hungrily.

“Ahhh...Rosie,” I exhale, almost blind with ecstasy. ”Please,” I beg. “Touch me some more. Tease me with that luscious mouth. Please...”

I cannot focus on her face, my eyes half closed and rolling back in bliss as I strain to draw air into my lungs, but I know she is wearing that precious smile that had won me over in the first place. She does not give in to my demands. Instead, she leans back slightly then, in a tortuous manner, slips in and out of reach, taunting me with each lick, and lifting me to new heights of excitement.

I twitch and toss my head, biting my lower lip and moaning loudly now. Grabbing the bed with both hands, I tense, and swept up in a rush of rapture, my insides begin to tingle. So close...so close...

Her hips arch up towards me as I slowly lick around her clit, swollen and pulsing, engorged with blood, ready for her release. Delving into her soft folds of skin, she throbs against me and I feel my body flushing with excitement and I slip my finger into her hot sheath, her muscles clench and suck me in.

I push her legs wider and higher and I bury myself in her sex as lust pours from her. Taking her in my mouth, I suck on her clit and roll my tongue around the silken skin as she thrashes under me. My finger slides downwards, over the soft skin towards her tight puckered rosebud and gently slide my finger in and out, a little deeper each time.

Her sex swells and I feel the tension build in her body like a spring ready to explode. Tenderly I release her and lap up her nectar, slowing the tide that is building so fast. I hear small whimpers as she urges me on, her hands grasping my hair as she grinds towards me desperate for satisfaction.

“Oh God, Rosie! No, don’t stop!” I plead loudly. Gasping, I clutch at her.

She has made me suffer long enough, she must have decided. She ends the teasing and envelops me with her sweet, soft lips, sucking until I lose all control and the waves of ecstasy overtake me.

As my entire body rocks and pulsates, I crush her to me, accentuating this pleasurable indulgence with the feel of her soft velvety skin against mine, along with her hot, humid breath. She is so perfect that I just want to crawl inside of her and have the intoxicating glory that is Rosie all around me. She makes me wild - savage, “dance naked in the sunlight and open air” wild.

I purse my lips as I start to feel my trembling limbs relax, and then open them, preparing to ask Rosie, what she wants from me, what she needs, but she presses a finger to my lips to stifle me. I can smell my sex there like a taboo perfume, salty and musky. I want so much to please her, after what she has given me, but she will not let me speak. I am forced to wait until either she breaks the silence, or clings to it and guides me with gestures instead.
I am wound up like a well-coiled spring as Lu bucks her hips beneath me as her climax explodes...no words are required to shatter the moment. Gazing at her eyes and bright, full lips, her breasts still heaving as she gasps for air, and smiling at her, I feel a deep sense of peace flowing over my mind.

Twisting myself around on the now damp sheets, I roll her lithe frame on top of me. A small moan escapes her lips as I gently take her into my mouth again, her sweet nectar glistens on her skin, and I inhale her aroma as I lick her tenderly. Goading her with my tongue, I savour her delightful taste as I circle the unsheathed nub that drips juices onto my chin. I slide my finger into her folds delighting in the tightening of her muscles as it begins to rise again.

Widening my legs as I feel her part my swollen lips, I feel her heart fluttering as she wriggles her cute butt around and squeaks with anticipation. It takes all my willpower not to explode as soon as I feel her tongue on my pulsing sex.
It soon becomes very clear that Rosie wants me to return the favour, guilding me with expert precision.

I lean over her, perched between her legs. There is plumpness to her, her flesh already flush with blood in response to her arousal. I can see that there will be little for me to do, but I want to draw it out and indulge myself before I maximize her pleasure. I want to tease her in my own way.

“Rosie,” I breathe softly, hoping to tickle her with my soft exhalation. I gently trace her with the very tip of my tongue, barely making contact, and then I draw the edge of my teeth against her in an equally delicate manner. It is too undignified for her to squirm, unlike me. Instead, she seems to unfurl, opening like the petals of a flower before me – an act befitting her name. I can hear her panting ever so seductively, as sensual as always.

I feel her hands carefully trace the curve of my ass cheeks, and I almost come again on the spot, before I can reward her with a similar experience. I realize that I have to stop being selfish before I steal my release a second time, without making sure that she is satisfied in the first place. I try to hold back, tensing and holding my breath, as I massage her with my mouth, but when I finally feel her begin to twitch uncontrollably beneath my tongue, I spasm and moan as well, the light in the room suddenly becoming a blinding glare. I fling myself back, rolling off her and stretching spread-eagle on the bed while I quiver and sigh.

Lying back on the pillows, I have her in my arms, her skin is damp, and she shivers as I pull the cover up over us and smooth her hair. I kiss her forehead and sleep overcomes us.