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Girls Just Want To Have Fun - Day 1 Ch 4
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Thursday - Chapter 4
©Virginia Alison, ©Keith David, ©Tiffany St David, ©Lucy Dee Blake

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“Hey! HEY! Come back here! You can’t leave me like this!”

I hear the door close behind her and she is gone in a flash. I start to yell, but realize even in my inebriated state that being found by one of her neighbours would not be a good thing. Adrenaline from panic washes through my system, momentarily masking the effects of the whiskey and beer. I test the bonds holding me to the bed. Pulling with my right arm locks the cuff tighter around my wrist, pinching the skin in its grip and not giving an inch. I decide struggle, is probably not the best solution to this problem.  I resign myself to wait and begin praying she will not be long.

I am screwed if she does not come back, and fucked if she does…and not in a good way either! I lay there just staring at the ceiling for a long time, trying to remember just how I got into this predicament. I strain my ears for the slightest sound, for what seems like days, as the alcohol begins to leave my system and my cock long since lies flaccid against my thigh. The soft music still playing in the other room lulls me as I watch each minute tick away on the clock by the bed.

The thoughts of naughtiness with Rose fade and become mixed with the dread and fear of cheating on Tiffany. I feel like I am in hell! The hour is getting late and my eyes become heavy despite the uncomfortable position until I hear a key turn and the front door open. I am instantly awake again, with a burning need to get out of this position, my body is stiff and my stretched arms are tired and sore from their restraints.

“Hey! Get me outta here!”

Footsteps approached the bedroom and my heart beat ramps to full speed. Expecting Rose, I am shocked to see a guy wearing a pink shirt and jeans that are a few sizes too small. He bursts into the room as if he were jumping onto the stage of Cats and starts clicking pictures of me like crazy with his over-sized camera. For a split second, I try to cover myself. Quickly reminded, however, of the handcuffs as I struggle and screaming obscenities does little to quell his laughter at my predicament. Appearing satisfied with his work, he pats the camera as if it were precious cargo and prances out of the room.

“I’ll be right back, need to stash this for safe keeping.”

I have a very, very bad feeling in my gut. I hear the door open and close. Once again, I am alone and my mind is racing. How could I let this happen? Damn, I am in some serious trouble. In less than 5 minutes, he is back standing at the foot of the bed with a shit-eating grin.

“Well, well, well…so what do we have here” he lisps and my heart sinks. Fuck - she locked my ass up and sent in a faggot to have his way with me. I am so screwed!

“Alright, you’ve had your fun. How about letting me out of here? I’ll just leave peacefully?”

“ Oh, come on. We could have so much fun like this.”

He runs his fingers up my leg towards my crotch and giggles like a little girl as I try to pull away from him. He stops just before reaching my limp cock and laughs at my struggles.

“STOP! Stay away, damn it. Leave me alone!”

“ Ok, ok big boy. Your loss, I would have rocked your world, but I can see you are not in the mood for that tonight. Maybe another time?” he says with a wink and a nod. “Here is how this is going to go,” he reaches into the nightstand drawer and pulls out the keys to the cuffs. “I’m going to undo one hand, give you the keys and then I’m outta here. You unlock the rest and get your sexy arse on your way ASAP and back home to your pretty little wife. If you fuck up anything in here, those pictures will be everywhere tomorrow morning and you can bet on that. Got it?”

I thankfully nod in agreement, although unmolested in this vulnerable position, I silently vow vengeance for all involved in this little mishap, including him. Minutes later, I am heading back to the house, my wrists, ankles, arms and legs quite sore from the punishment of the bondage. It is late now, very late and I shudder as I think of Tiffany. What am I going to say about this whole thing?

Pulling into the driveway, I wonder if my night could get any worse, but when I see the light on in the family room, I know it just did. It is not often Tiffany will wait up, but when she does, it is because she wants to “talk” and I am not in the mood to “talk” tonight. Opening the front door as quietly as I can, I tiptoe around the corner hoping she has fallen asleep. Tiffany is sitting upright on the couch, arms folded and staring me down with the ‘Well, what do you have to say for yourself’ look.

“Hi honey, I’m home.”


It is long past midnight as he comes tiptoeing around the corner and pulls up short as he sees me in the near darkness, on the couch, waiting for him. I say nothing, just stare at him, before I sigh and slowly stand up. I tossed the lace nightgown that he ripped earlier into the trash along with the romantic dinner we never ate, and I am now dressed in shorts and a tank top – serious sleepwear. Funny thing though, I can still feel his eyes appraising me as I walk toward him. My body is young, firm and soft in all the right places, with narrow yet curvy hips and the full breasts he always used to love when we first got married…and part of me wishes that his attention was really focused on me, for once…

I get close enough to smell the scent of another woman on him and stop. My heart starts pounding with fear…has he been with someone else tonight, fucking another woman? I want to scream, tear at him, but there is a sheepish, almost embarrassed grin on his face, that is quite at odds with my suspicions. In any case, I am too tired to fight with him tonight. Wordlessly, I walk past him into the bedroom and climb in between the cold sheets of our bed as I hear him go into the bathroom and run a shower. He comes out within a few minutes, and gets into bed beside me. I keep my eyes closed and for a moment, I feel warmth, as if he is reaching out for me, but then he moves away.

I wait until I hear the regular sound of his breathing, a storm of emotions running through me. I move closer to him, sure that he is asleep, and for a second I put my arms around his warm, naked body, and whisper…”God help me, I love you – more than ever!” before I move away from him, turning my back on him. He moves restlessly and for a minute I wonder if he heard me, but he makes no move toward me and I stifle my sobs into my pillow, loving him, hating him, wanting my husband back....

Facing Tiffany was difficult, but when she approached and stopped, I saw her whole demeanour change. It was as if she instinctively knew I had done something horrible. Could she see it on my face? I certainly did not want to talk, but when she walked right past me, I felt deflated. Somehow, I was mentally ready for her verbal onslaught and felt emptied as she abandoned me. I had to end this night and hoped tomorrow was better. As I showered, I prayed the red rings around my wrist would be gone by morning. I slipped into bed just wanting the night end.