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About Keith David

Keith David does not have a typical poet/writer background. Educated in science and engineering, he is a man of many sides. A rugged outdoorsman and traveler, he has climbed glaciated mountains, fished for marlin in the Bahamas, and hunted wild game across the Southern US. Creating furniture in his woodshop or running a lathe in a machine shop, Keith has a knack for working with his hands. There are very few things he cannot repair or figure out how they work.


Travel for work and pleasure has taken him around the world; across the US, to Europe, Asia and India, but he calls Florida home. Combining a love of fine wine and exquisite dining with a grounded humility, his emotions run close to the surface and often pour out in words of poetry.


Intermittently through his early years, Keith would write of events or circumstances stirring his emotions. Only within the last few years, he has become more serious about writing. His work is designed to stir passion, to paint a picture of feelings with words and scenes, bringing the reader into the world he creates.


A driven workaholic, Keith is determined to make a name for himself as a writer. Working with his writing partner, Virginia Alison, their synergistic and spiritual approach to storytelling provides a broad and rich canvas upon which they create erotic, sensual, and emotionally uplifting works. Sometimes funny, often sexy, and always pleasing; they do hope you enjoy their work and would love to hear from you if you do.